Asivuke Community Center Wishlist

Rainwater harvesting and JoJo tank installation:
-Jojo tanks
-Guttering for rainwater harvest
-Plumb jojo’s into kitchen – include pump and filtration
-Plumb jojo’s in to ablutions – include pump for flushing / taps

Kitchen refurb:
-Shelving / Storage / cupboards / Stainless steel counters
-Burglar guards / Replace windows
-Fridge / chest freezer
-Proper installation of gas burner / gas safely caged outside of building
-Spoons / bowls / cups / jugs

Equipment for gross and fine motor skills development:
-Skipping ropes

Proper sanitation facilities:
-Minimum 8 toilets
-Minimum 8 wash basins
-Divided into male and female
-Men urinals

Windows and window frames:
-Replaced with aluminium
-Burglar bars
-Exterior signage